Charisma Unmasked

Are you a change-maker who's ready and willing to
stand in your power and speak your truth?



Do you long to connect to your audience for the sake of your mission, but feel like your words fall on deaf ears?

When you get up to speak, do you sometimes feel like a pale imitation of your true self?

Do you secretly fear that your audience is politely tolerating your presence, rather than being moved by your message?


Would you like to be fully present in your own skin while deeply connected to the crowd? Would you like to awaken, energize, and move them (to laughter, to tears, to action) from there?


You can!

In this powerful program, you will discover the secrets to becoming the magnetic and inspirational speaker you were meant to be.


September 20, 2019


Are you feeling called to come out of hiding 
in order to serve others in a bigger way? 

Charisma does not come from what you say.

Charisma is not about what you do.


Charisma gets unleashed by being fully who you ARE while wrapping the crowd up in your energetic arms.

You do not need to pretend to be someone else or to do it “their way”.


You can be YOU - deeply, passionately, presently, RawThenically YOU …


Learn to let the crowd in to see you and feel you in all of your sensitive, tender, powerful, graceful and hysterical glory.

Weekly Interactive Videos Classes


1:1 Coaching Sessions (VIP Level)​

Lauri holds a very safe space for everyone to express their authentic, flawed, and perfect selves. She models what she teaches beautifully, standing in herself confidently and effortlessly ... I would recommend her work to anyone with a message that they want to get out to the world.

Lani Klaphaak

Relationship and Dating Coach​

Lauri attacks the skill of speaking from a unique perspective – the voice as an instrument of connection.

Claudette Good-O’Neill, CC and CL

2014 Semi-finalist in Toastmaster’s International Speaking Contest, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia​

Lauri Smith is one of the most personally motivating and inspirational instructors I’ve had. Her ability to see and draw out her students potential is empowering.

Rachael Hammer

Course Participant

How It Works


  • 6 Interactive Classes (Held via Zoom video conferencing)
  • A Copy of Lauri's 21-Day Audio Challenge
  • The Support of a Community of Like-Hearted People
  • VIPs also get Three 1:1s with Lauri


  1. The insidious myth about charisma
  2. Identifying & Releasing Your Soul Suckers
  3. Speaking with Purpose
  4. How to be Assertive (without being Aggressive)
  5. How to embody and convey confidence and authority … anytime, anywhere
  6. How to Breathe Life into the Experience
  7. Holding Safe and Sacred Space for Others
  8. Integrating What You Know
  9. How to move your audience (to laughter, to tears, or to action) with the heart-centered power of your presence

Lauri will guide you through an interactive experience of how to step into your tender, powerful and compelling glory.

Join this program to learn how to go beyond your comfort zone into your charisma zone®.  

Case Studies

I was drawn to the Charisma Unmasked course because I thought I was not charismatic, or at least not as charismatic as other speakers.  I felt this would prevent me from being the speaker I want to be. Yet, I knew deep inside that everyone has the potential to be an effective speaker. 

The course helped me realize that being a good speaker is not necessarily about imitating other speakers.  I can be impactful if I’m being authentic.  I learned breathing techniques that I can implement before speaking.  I also had the opportunity to practice speaking about something I am passionate about, and I received feedback from the group. I would recommend the Charisma Unmasked course to anyone who doubts their speaking capabilities or who wants to feel more confident when speaking.
 - Dania De La Cruz




Lauri Smith, you are a phenomenal voice coach. You brought me from having anticipation and anxiety about presenting to being completely authentic and presenting with confidence and ease. I am grateful for the course you offer and would highly recommend it to anyone interested. My takeaway from the course was "Energizing the space and bringing people along by connecting with them deeply." Many many thanks.

 - Sujata Owens, President - Vital Force Consulting, Inc.



VIP Level $1297

Standard Level $597
*Payment plans and scholarship options available.